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>> a hostile work environment in arundel county.
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accusstions of favoritism, retaliation and harassmeet in the county executive's office. >> laser danger.3 major disaster a small beam of light can cause. >> a controversy tonight over the koran. >> we will not be pushed around and we will not bow tt threats. >> why this pastor plans to burn the holy book. and national pressure being put on his church. >> more clear skies, and dry weather aheed. into maryland. in the sky watch forecast. >> the debate over a life saving ú%ill. what you need to know about the changessbeing made to cpr. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 0:00. >> hell low, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. 24 alarm fires in west baltimore. ten row homes up in smoke. >> happened minutes apprt less3 than one quarter of a mile away today's weather mmy have played a key role in the blazes. karen parks is currently in west
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baltimoree and tells us no onee3 was hhrt. but these fires are still under investigation tonight. karen? >> that'' right jeff. innestiggtors are still here, on the scene. -ou mentioned earlier, in the intro, you talked abouu high winds. windy right now. just imagine what it was like a now, the fire started right here. you can sse all the debris left. after three homes caught on fire. the blaze then spread, across the street. i will try to get over here to show you. these five row homes, went up in flames, and it did not stop here. and investors say high winds could be a factor. but will not confirm. 5 ell you. as for neighbors. it was a iasco none will forget. >> it is crazy. you got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
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seven firee. >> flames tear down homes. >> in the second house right there. and kept chaining down. >> first fire started in the 1300 block of north calhoon. homes. two were vacant, the third had occupants that were not at ome. >> eople that use drug, go in these buildings and smoke their stuff. and, yoo know, set stuff on fire. >> the fire spreaddacross the street. five more homes. up in smoke. then. >> we watch both fires be put out. and we have a bass disaster on the next blockk >> two blocks over, on north keri street. >> you ave about 300 firemen here. >> another four-alarm fire. nearly 100 firrfighters, and 40 scene. >> a little frightened..3 but not really all that scary. burning.time, two homes.
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one vacant. the otter occupied by this womaa. >> i got phone calls. >> at that moment, our cameras cauuht this woman being carried away. overcome by smoke. %-investigators say there is a good chance the windy day could be to blame for spreading the fire. reporting live here in west baltimore. karen parks, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank you karen. >> and today's weatherrdid make fighting the ffre more difffcult. >> it has been hot all summer long. we keep breaking records. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us now tootell us how extreme this summer has been so vytas? >> we have been really dry out3 there for many days. but look aa our temperatures. ú%u can see, that those temperatures, highs today, in the 90s. we hadda hot day out there. 93 in baltimore. 96 in d.c.. so warm temperatures. before theefront arrived. as the cood fronn moved through
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thatthelped to kick up the winds. they haae died down a bit. state winds right now at 9 miles per hour in baltimore. 16 in d.c. 17 hagerstown. today winds 20-to 30 miles per hour, gusting to 40 at times. creating the winds that help to -ondiiions, we had a red flagg3 warning issued earlier today. because of the potential for with dry conditions, fires that could occur, with the dry conditions, could spread quickly with the help of the winn that. occurred in michigan and detroit yesterday, where there was several homes lost because of fires burning.ú and same happened here in baltimore. now looking at dry conditions out therr. 13 days of no rain. only a trace. about six days ago. that's a small amount that is measured out at bwi thurgood marshall airpoot. but we are about anninch and 1 -- 1.13 inches below but 13 days oo really no significant rainfall. well it looks like we could get sooe changes coming our way down chaace for rain in the forecast will be in a bit. >> all ight, thank you, vytas.
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bbginning of the story. twin blizzard this winter show theeother extreme. burying baltimore in 80 inches you remember that? environment maryland said extreme weather events will become more frequent if more is not done to stop global warming. group talked about the concerns in fell's point. a nnighborhood under water ú%ring isabel back in 003. >> we need government change. policy changes. not only here in the ssate of maryland. but across the nattoo, as well >> well, critics caution against linking individuul weather events to climate change and question human involvement in rising temperatures. >> new information tonight after a body s found in a burnt out columbia house. police have charged damon white former wife thelma winn win,ú whose body was founn inside of
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the condominium. and damon was inside the condo after the blaze. >> you cannot look at somebody, and say, oh they are an abusive person. because it is not written on their forehead. it is not written across their so you would never beliive that something like that. of doing >> white is now under police guard at shock trauma tonight. >> shocking new details, in the sexual harassment lawsuit against arundel county executive john leopold. myranda stephens is live outside of the county courthouse with the latest allegationss myranda? >>well, jennifer, this is a copy of the ammnded lawsuit, set to be filed in court tomorrow morning. and in it the plaintiff paints a detailed picture of a county executive that will go toogreat lengths to get what he wants. >> his behavior completely inappropriate. towards women. >> last month, arla ham ner filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her former works
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arundel county executive john leopold. but sense then her attorney has added more details, to the suit. backing their claims. >> one person said, he is addicted to women. that he cannot top himself almost. >> in the ammnded lawsuit. ham ner's attorney, accuses leopold of using binoculars to scope out women coming in and out of his office building. he even claims leopold would order police officers to run down the license plates of a car driven by a woman thht e found attractive. >> he ould ask the guard. the police officer, ask anybody else he had to, to get the information relating to that person. >> including the cell phone number to a vvry young newspaper reporter that, accorring to the lawsuit, leopold later asked out to dinner. but aaide from being a big time skirt chairs, singleton claims leepold is also a bully. fear and intimidation in employees, like ham ner that was ffred after allegedly speaking
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about the executive alleged mmsbbhavior. >> if you were this much disloyal, out you go. respond to the claims saying quote, this complaint is easily the most irresponsible document i hhve ever read produced by an attorney. and only reinforces by believe that mr. singleton is not verse about his client's complaint but only interested in embarrassing the county executive. ú%d numeroos privvte individuals, whom he has dragged into this spectacle without good rrason. but singleton said his client is the only one brave enough to come forward. >> there are other things that have come up, frankly and people are too scared to talk about it. >> nd ham ner also names county chief administrative officer dan callahaa in the lawsuit. accuses him, who is the former ú%yor of annapolis of basiially helping leopold carry out his dirt. she is now suing for $300,000.
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live in annapolis, myrandaú stephens, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank you, myranda. >> a man charged with murder in a road ragg incident last month is out on bond tonight.ú police say james king of severn3 shot another man near telegraph3 road and 00. and judge ordered him held without bond. but on september 1st, king's attorney asked for a second bond hearing. the next day, a new bond wasú set. and king ppsted it. wwttout a bail review hearingg well rosecutors learned about the bond motion yesterday. after king was eleased. today, they askkd that king's bond be revoked. >> and inmate is still on the -oose this evening afttr escaping from a correction's officer in baltiiore city. 26-year-old william lucas. authorities say he was beiig transported from one facility to another yesterdayymorning when he managed to get free and run away from an officer. lucas was searching four years for robbery and druggcharges. if you know where he isscall 9111 >> new information on story wú
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aired yesterday about three and their ole in a botched abortion. john rydell reports tonight, hearings were held today for two doctors that have had their license suspended already.ú >> before the suspension hearings of wo doctors, abortion opponents sound off. they are upset with news hat a young woman was critically injured while undergoing an abortion. it happened last month, at this clinic in elkton. the cling's operator never had a maryland.o practice ahmed in dr. brighaa operatee many women services cciniis in baltimore city, college park, frederick and cecil county. ccmmitttnn abortions going back to januaryyof this year. perhaps earlier. then storing the remains of the aborred babies up to likes ever 35 weeks in a freezer. isn't that nice? deplorable. nobody knew abouu it.3 >> now two physician that is worked with dr. brigham and were involved with that abortion have had theii medical licenses suspended. include george shepherd and
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nicola riehl. >> she breached the standard of care. way they delivered the patient to the hospital. the way it was -- she was transported.ú hang over of the patient to the emergency doctor. %-received a delay in the requet to challenge the board's suspension. -> dr. riley believes she shoold be reinstated but we will not talk bout the case, as i said, we need more time. thatts what we told the board today. and they granted a cootinuance. >> maryland state board of would begin abortion proccdures in new jersey and transport the women to maryland to complete the operation. it is a move believed to circumvent new jersey laws, that -estrict late term abortions. >> in the meantime, anti-abortion groups are calling on the general assembly to enact new law, that would tighten restriction on abortion clinics. %-all the instruments.sterilize make them change medical cuts, they do not do that. they do aa abortion in five minutes. they do nnt even change the gowns. do not sterilize the
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instruments. >> but for now, the ate of the two doctor,,lie with the state board of physicians. ii can reprimann them. restore licenses.ú or the two physicians could have their medical licenses revoke. in balttmore, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> meantime plan parenthooddsaiú it condemns the actions of the doctors. >> state board of physicians took action against another doctor today. the board suspended romeo ferrer license, offices in severn park. he is accused of several violations during an abortion ú%at enddd ii the death of a 21-year-old baltimore ccty woman. >> the fight is heating up over the contested ballot question in state. >> thousands of new jobs, jobs that our county needs. >> better schools for our kids.3 -> that is family friendly. parlor near arundel mills mall. conviice people in arundel
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county to vote yes on question one. supporters gathered at the campaign headquarters today. the man in hargeeof the project, said a broad ggoup of people support the ppan. >> when i can appear, with the firemen, withhthe plymouth, the school teaahers, and they are on my side, i am honored. i feel good. >> well supporters say it ill arunddl county. jobs iitt >> stay with fox 45 news or the latest on the mid term3 elections. go o 2010. >> well, we are less than a week awwy from the ravens' firrt regular season game..33 >> tte team is ready fans are ready. and so are the cheerleaders. they were at high top in timonium tonight signing calendars for fans. joe flacco will lead tte charge. >> these guys, they play well. >> yoo know, there are lots of events planned thissweek leading
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up to the bigggameeof the season. fee list of events happening go to llnks. we know fans are geeting ready for the season, just like thee3 ravens. so show us your purple pride. go to priie. and send us your pictures. >> body still has 4 to 6 minutes of oxxgen left in the cells. >> later on fox 45 news at 10000.ú just minutes o save a life. life saving changes coming to cpr. it is ouu cover story tonight. >>as offthis time,,we have no intentton of cannelinn. >> plans by one pastor to burn the koraa. later on fox 45 news t 10:00, the calls to cancel the event and what the paator is saying about them. >> and i am keith daniels, a maryland lawmaaer under fire tonight. why he may be accussd oo taxú fraud. we will have that story coming up. this droid has evolved to do even more.
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now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard.
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turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does.
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>> is the maryland lawmakerr33 taking unfair advantage f tax laws. baltimore city and the ccunty. keith? city and county taxpayyrs money. senator george della jr. admiis he may have viollted tax laws. but tonight he said heedid nnt become aware of the problemm3 until ecently.3 >> maryland senator george della jr.. at his baltimore city homm on ast hamburg street. >> this is here i liie and how i live. >> dellll giving a tour of hiss3 home.
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proof he says that he lives where he said he lives. >> this, ladies and gentlemen, is thh room that i sleep in. >> check the towels, see if they >> dellla on defense. at issue,,allegaaions that dellla is double dipping. saving more than $6000 on his latest property taa bills. fox 45 news has learned the senator is reeeiving homestead tax credit on both hhs home in baltimore city, and is hhllsid3 property that is nestleed in a northwest baltimore two different tax credits, for dell l.a. >> we need a clarification as to what is occurring here. >> when state officials say be he should be getting just one. a ax credit only for his principle ressdence. >> i am a resident of baltimore city. >> but according to deed records, we obtained. dellla checked, yes, when assed if his principle residence was in baltimore county. dellla admits he did it but
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calls the property his wife's principle residence. he said they married three-years ago, but he only visits her on thh weekends. >> certainly, one might look at it as a non-traditional marriage. but for 20 some years, i mean, it was -- i lived here with my >> it may be confusing but a husband and wife cannonly have one residenne. >> i ave tried to get ahold of the state department of assessment. to have them notify the couutyy that was done in error. and whatever adjustment is necessary, that will be paid for by my wife. >> well tax officials say they are now investigating the ú-dellla has been a state senatr since 1983 and is a senior member of the finance committee. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10000. >> a group of u.s. senators plan to investigate the under reporting of rape cases in baltimore, and cities across the
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country..3 crime and justice reporter joy lepola, tells us these statistics could be brought up. >> nationwide, women are being raped. anddthe attacks are going unreported. or beinn classified as >> when your rape numbers are low that may mean they are not comfortable..3 not that you are amazing. >> the problems so prevalent members of congress are getting involved. ú%well, there is the questiin as to whether tte olice, local police, are treating the victim3 %-or whether they aae looking fr ways not to pursue a case. >> senator cardin sits on the crime and drug subcommiitee. and expects during next week's hearing, baltimore and statistic will be brought up. >> we want to ake sure that every case is treated with the seriousness that it deservee. >> in baltimore, an audit is underway after it was discooered ú%at the steed city lee the nation in the natton in cases unclassified. %-things were done right.sure
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>> marie lilly is with turnú around. rape crisis center. one of he advocates that sits -nnthe newly formed sexual assault team. reviewing unfounded case in the city. >> for advocates ttey are relieved this issue is finally taken up.ú at the national level. by the end of it, they hope that the systemmis bettee prepared to handle victims. riggt now it is estimated that natiinally only 40 percent of women actually report being rrped. department has 200 rapee reported. that amounts to 480 women actually attacked. >> whether or not we find -omeone, whether or not they go to jail, whether or not we are able to prosecutt. victims need toofeel like reeorting was the right thing to %->> advocates and politicians both say that's the only way the problem of under reporting rape can be solved. joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> the mayor's office said they are following the national discussion innan effort to techniques.
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>> a maryland native illed in afghaaistan. 25-year-old chris vaile veil former marine that returned to the near east as a private security contractor. randallstown ann planning onm gettinggmarried once he rettrned back home. >> a florida church has planned to burn ccpies of the quran on september 11, saturday, draws a ú%t of heat from some of the country's top leaders. pastor jones said the protest s not aimmd at all muslims, just those considered radicall. white house press secretary robert gibbs said this put american troops at-rrsk. >> clinton said this rally does3 not rrpresent -- aaerica. >> we understand the general's concerns and that we are still considering it. >> it does not, in any way,,3 represent america, or americans, american religious or political leadership. >> meanwhile, jones saad he will
10:24 pm
pray about thhs saturday's rally. now onto the question of the day. is it appropriate for a passor to burn the koran. 22 percent say yes. 78 percent say no. and 1 writes, why offend the whole religion in order to protest the small minority of radicals. but randy writes. how is it that we allow the3 american flag to be burned. and not the koran? gg to and tells what you think. sound off through facebook, if send uu a tweet@foxbaltimore. text your annwer to 45223. and your response may air on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> police helicopters, in the state. are bbing put at-risk. jeff abell tells s pilots are warning that a simple eam of light could bring own an aircraft. >> they are popular souvenirs, purchased anywhere in ocean cityys boardwalk. but when lasers are pointed sky ward they could prove deadly. a helicopter takes off from martin state airportt safety is the chief concerr.
10:25 pm
and on a sunny day llke this, there is little toobe concerned about. but at night. target. >> it began with a isolated incident and now the momentum is picking up. starting to occur once a week now. >> people are using green ú%ysers and shooting them into the eyes of the pilots. >> if the flight crew is blinded total control of the aircraft is lost at that point. >> this "youtube" video from a british news report shows how %-be.ienting a green laser cann a green laser is 35 times more and it could cause what is called flash blinding. temporarily taking away a pilot's sight. ú% also causes after imaging, thatthappens after staring into a bright light. ú%e effects can be devastating. >> we cannot pulllover to the side of the road. the effects of it, while we're 1000 feet above the ground, are obviously magnified more than they would be somebody walking down the boardwalk. >> right now there are no
10:26 pm
specific laas dealing directly with pointing lasers at aircrafts. buu if you are caught, there is a possiiility of being charged with hindering a police officer. jeff abell, fox 455news at 10:00. >> i felt sorry for him. i really did. i cannot believe somebody can use a child to do thht. >> fund raising after one man's wife apparently dies.ú but find out what really happened to her. later on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> body still has 4 o 6 minutes of oxygen left in the cells. >> next, saving a life in the important changes to cpr. and why they are happening. it is our cover story, on theú other side of the break. >> taking a lookkat our next day planner. we will see clear skies tonight. breezy. and see the temperatures ú
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>> if someone needed cpr, would you be prepared? >> quick action could save lives. but the proper wayyto do itthas changed over the yearr. and may soon change again. >> in tonight's cover story..3 melinda roeder talks with experts about the different techniques that could lead to llfe saving changes. >> let's go to ccr. >> at the red cross headquarters in baltimore. >> everybody, get in position. >> classes in cpr fill up fast. >> pull the head back.ú
10:30 pm
>> but it issa life saving skill few of us ever learn. ú% here in central mmryland it is about 3 ercent of the population that is actually tracking. >> for paramedics it is a must. and for most heaath care workerr. buu in the last five years, there have been several changes in the way that cpr is taught and performed. >> completely different than we do it now. ittwas the 15 to two. the head tilt, chin lift position was difffrent. you had your hand under the neck. >> the biggest change comes in compressions. >> onee two, three, four. >> years ago experts recommended 15 chest pumps, then two big breaths. but newer reeearch shows 30 compressions yield better results. >> there is just so mmch a stronger emphasis on strong fir3 compressions. >> while rescue breathing still a key sttp it is not as %->> ooce the patient goes unconscious and heart stops
10:31 pm
beatinn. the body hass4 to 6 minutes of oxygen left in the cells. >> steady constant compressionn help to circulate the oxygen. but instructors know some ppople do not feel comfortable giving mouth to mouth..3 in that case,,a bbrrier is acceptable.3 >> whether it is a cloth napkin or table cloth or someone's ssirt. there are many options. %-direct contacc.ill fear the which is hy experrs recently approved yet another technique, using compresssons only. >> anything is better than nothing. %->> very good. >> in that characters the recommmndation is 100 pumps per minute. and keep up the ace, until parammdics arrive. >> do that until we get there. >> no matter hoo long it takes. >> remember, you may have to do this anywhere from two minutes, >> when new guidelines come thought fall, the american heart association is expected to make even more changes.
10:32 pm
still experts say theesooner you learn, the better. >> i feelllike i am ready because of this class. >> there you go. sse the chest moving? >> maintain your skills. >> it is important for people to take cpr every two years. >> in order to stay current and keep your cool under pressure. so knowiig and keeping these skills up is definitely something that should be high priority or everyone. >> melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> most hospitals fire departments and red cross teach cpr classes regular. >>i youucan learn all about it, and be certified in just one day >> we will tell you how much facebook could effect your child's grades in tonight's "word on the web". >> we thought we could trust him. but turned out we could not. >> but next. one mannsaid his wife died and he askee for donations. the things that made some people believe his sttry was well a little strange. when the news at 10:00
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continues. today. with temperatures getting into the ower 90s. it looos like cooler air is on the way. how cool, coming ♪ i thought it was over here...
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[ male announcer ] like the new double baconead & cheese omelet sandwich!! they're all new. toasty, tasty, and made to your order. so come and build your better breakfast today, at subway! >> breaking records. it was a hot summer. >> another hot day. almost to fall. but not quite. but, you know, seeing the windd
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chhnge. >> yeah. what appened with the winter, the blizzard. %-i am afraid of autumnn hurricane season right now. and it is heating uu out there in tte attantic.3 and tte tropics. i will show you something going on out there..3 we have had dry conditions out there. we had red flag warnings earlier because oo the winds and he dry conditions. when you have that, the -otentiil for fires, which we showed you earlier ii the show. could become a problem. winds are still breezy out theee. but they will continue to die down through the overnight. quiet conditions out there in downtown baltimore. -rounddthe state. it looks like we have just mostly clear skies. ú%mperaturee right now at 75 ddgrees. %-humidity levels at 33 peecent. and that is still on the dry sideeof things. moisture that is, in the atmosphere. looking at the high of 92 degrees. we saw 77 earlier today. to start us off. %-that won't probably aarivv nl
10:37 pm
we get to the weekend. state. 77 in baltimore.ú 79 in d.c. 70 in hagerstown. 55, nice and cool out there. in western marylandd and we are going to continue to see that shift in temperatures. over the next few days. in fact, bigger picture. look at the drop in tte temperaturee. cleveland 64. 59 in buffalo. we have 67 in harrisburg. and on the biiger picture. frontal boundary pushed through. still reezy behind thht frontal boundary. but we have an area of high pressure that will continue to drop down out of the great lakes region. a little moisture up around the %-but for us, we will see the dryer conditions build in for the next couple of days. in unttl the next system arrives at the end of the weekend. until then, it looks like moreú sunshine. and dry conditions. grass out there. on the future scan. you can see how the model data %-across the mid-atlantic. relatively quiet weather pattern. and then we have the next system that will start to get closer, cominn down out of the norttern porrions of the midwest that.
10:38 pm
%-the weekend.get loser toward head out to the tropics. the busy season. we have trooical stormy gore. watch thhs closely. windd at 45 miles per hour.3 and gusting to 52. coming off the coast of africa. and this is the area where the storms spawnn they start to orggnizz, become trooical storms and then this -ne may become a hurricane. by friday looking at a category one. sunday. category 22storm tracking across the atlantic. soowe will watch to see how this turns. ú%e if it is affectinn us, by parts of next week. so we ave to watch this storm very closely. back here at home. clear skies. 60 for overnight. winds caaling down a bit. but we still see breezy conditions for tomorrow. and some sunshine. 788 five-day forecast 75 on friday. 82 on saturday. chance for showers. much needed rain sunday. next channe for rain. seven-day forecast is coming up in a bit.
10:39 pm
>> bp releases its much anticipated internal investigation into the cause of the oil rig explosion that led ú-as expected, they are sharing. the blame. bp's report said multiple %-spill.ttd to the massive the company describe the incident as an acciient hat arose from a complex series of mechanical failures and human but bp's report is not the final it s still the subject of several government probes. >> construction crews ave installed a 70-foot column of steel from thh world trade center at grounn zero. column set up at the entrance to the september 11th memorial and museum. the memorial set to open by next year in time for the 10th anniversary of the attacks. it will havv reflecting pools and a wall with a list of the victim's names. >>well, he is supposed to teach teens about the importance of fair play. in minnesota was stealing money
10:40 pm
from his players. claiming that he needed to find his wife's killer. but the ife is not dead. on his first day on the job, as a softball umpire, tom put up flyers at concession stands saying his wife was killed by a hit-and-run driver in march and needed money for a privatt invessigator to find the killer. >> we all felt bad for him. thought we should do something. wanted to help him out. ú% well, the giils wentt3 ddor-toodoor collecting %-story, but when they called to tell him how much money they raiseddthey knew something was wrong he sounded really unappreciative..3 after checking. kayla mother discovered the wifú was not dead after all. ú%ey were divorced. >> michigan's governor wants a longer school year for students. educators say the current 180 day requirement for children to
10:41 pm
behind countries like china and japan where the school year is 220 days long. >> i think, we need more time i3 the seat. >> i don't think that parents days. go nuts over more cllss i think that parents would kids to be abll to be successful. and in collegg and in life f that means ore time learning, %->> the governor wants to push -his change with lawmakers, afterrelection day. >> coming up next. find out how much facebook could effect your
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>>ew report finds some child booster seats still are noo making the grade. different booster seats, 21 received a best bet rating. seven got the good bet staap because they met he following criteria. >> what you need to look or, s the lap belt needs to fit. firmly across the top of the thighs. you don't wanttit riding up onto the tummy of a chill. which is soft and might be -nteeed in a rash.
10:45 pm
recommended at all. noo recommended list but did not get a top ranking either. for a complete list of the booster seats tested and how they scored. go to our website links. >> could facebook be causing students to flunk? newwstudy said that may be the case. >> in tonight's "word on the web". judy urtz reveals why the site may be hurting students. judy? >> new study said that college students facebook fanatics when studying or doing homework get 20 percent lower grades than researchers in the netherlands showed that acebook users had a typical ggade point of >> the study author chalks it up to students trying too hard to multi-task. the report is published in the journallof computers and human behavioo.3 and don't let it affect our %-become a fan of fox 45 news oo
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facebook. go to baltimore. ú%am judy kurtz and that's tonight's "word on the web". >> and we have breaking news noú on our top tory, that big fire in part of baltimore city. out there. go llve to west baltimore. where karen parks is staading by g you can answer all the -uestions for us karenn what is going on? >> this is absolutely incredible. we were sitting ere waiting for the live shot at 11:00. and all of a sudden, fire trucks and engines, pulled up here. i mean, this literally happened two minutes ago.3 if you look up at the top of this rowhome, where you see firefighters climbing up the ladder. you can see smoke coming from the top of that building. %-however, that is one of the f3 buildings hat caught on fire earlier today. you can, again, see smokk cooing frommthe top of the building. firefighters just told us, right now, within a matter of minutes. 80 firefighters, 80
10:47 pm
scene, after they were told that building. again, we will keep youuupdated on this. on the "late dition" at 11:00. for right now, reporting live here in west baltimore. karen parks, fox 45 news at 10:00. practice with the er of the ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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